Documentary Exhibition photography

A photography workshop downtown Athens

Τ. Χρισσαίτη
Τ. Χρισσαίτη
Π. Τσίκος
Δ. Φραγκούλης

Αγνωστες πτυχές του Θησείου ήταν ο στόχος του εργαστηρίου φωτογραφίας που υλοποίησα στο Μουσείο Ηρακλειδών. Μια ποικιλόμορφη ομάδα, έδεσε τη ματιά της προσφέροντας μας την πιο άνιση φιγούρα που θα περιμέναμε από αυτήν την διάσημη περιοχή που βουλιάζει από τουρίστες, αργόσχολους και τραπεζάκια. Από επιλογή σε επιλογή, συζήτηση και αναίρεση, φτάσαμε σε μια παλέτα γραμμών και επιφανειών που αναδεικνύουν ένα κέντρο, συχνά άγνωστο στον καθημερινό περιπατητή.

Revealing images from the center of Athens, occurred as a result of a documentary photography workshop I lead during the last 2 months. With a focus at the famous Thisseio area, just next to the ancient Agora and below Acropolis, we searched for personal visions, details which intrigued the one or the other member of the group. My role was minimal, just to give incentives concerning street photography and keep the discussion going on upon the series of photographs arriving in the projector room. I tried to see what were the qualities of each participant. People with different backgrounds from architecture to engineering and from graphic design to medicine, sales and administration concentrated in discovering lines and surfaces, characters and moments, subversions and typical visions of the area, that we all, Athenians- and tourists- share. The most intriguing part of the workshop was to eliminate our choices of preferred photographs, as each participant would have the chance to actually exhibit ONE in a proper exhibition offered by our host, the Herakleidon Museum, right in the heart of Thisseio.TSIKOS

Documentary Film

A fragile encounter

Ενα μικρού μήκους ντοκιμαντέρ γεννιέται κατά τη διάρκεια ενός άλλου γυρίσματος. Πώς; Οταν η ματιά μας συναντά κάτι απρόοπτο, που δείχνει όμως να έχει τη δική του ιστορία και η κάμερα μπορεί να το καταγράψει, φαντασιώνοντας ότι αυτό που θα συμβεί έχει ζουμί, αισθήσεις και ένα πιθανό τέλος.FRAGILE POSTER

“I enjoyed very much your talking statue film.. beautiful, really.” Mark Reid, Head of Education, British film Institute

During a commissioned and quite predictable documentary shoot for the historical background of the town of Preveza in Western Greece, I found myself at the old, almost deserted museum inside the archaeological site of Nikopolis, the spectacular roman city of Emperor Augustus. Nothing particular was happening, we were there to record in the best possible way some statues and other stone artifacts of the period. Suddenly, a truck arrived and we were deprived of continuing our shooting. What could I do? I was puzzled and annoyed until a big box came out of the truck. So I started asking questions…and in 10 minutes time I had my only chance to tell my Director of Photography to raise the camera.

“Fragile” is a short story of a chance encounter with history. An encounter we think we have full control of , but we actually don’t. Here is the trailer.