Media literacy

Lady showing a hand made storyboard
University students in Frankfurt (Social Work MA ) express their thoughts in images during our workshop in 2011

My point of view
My aim is to help people use visual language in various and more rich ways as I believe in the multi-modality of each person. Media Education stands for me not only as an area of familiarisation, better understanding, critical thinking and creative use of the media language but as a unique terrain for developing learning in general. I have been involved in media projects for more than thirteen years now and my favorite part is how film making techniques blend with media understanding and expression in each target group. Each team, weather small or big, disregarding particular conditions related to age, cultural background, or length of the workshop, add with their questions and wisdom to a general methodology I am aiming at.

Teacher training

I have been designing and delivering teacher training workshops both at an introductory or medium level as well as a custom support to specific school projects. Tutoring is based on a combination of practice and theory, with hands on activities as a main tool. The methodology allows for immediate application in class or other group. I have delivered more than 600 hours of teaching in how to “read” film, deconstruct it and produce visual ideas in collaboration with institutions such as the Ministry of Education (Melina- Arts in Education, Medeanet program), the University of Athens (Education for Roma children), several Primary and Secondary Educational Authorities in Greece, European Erasmus collaborative projects such as the Videomuseums and Youth Docs, private schools such as the Anatolia College, as well as the educational and cultural department of the World Wide Fund (The wetlands project). and the British Council. I have trained and collaborated with teachers and educators in Lithuania, Germany, Turkey and Poland.

Watch a short making of from a  3 day workshop for media-experienced teachers-MEDEANET, in 2013

Youth workshops

Projects with children and young people range in length and scope but have a common point, to engage them in audiovisual storytelling practices with a documentary point of view. For example:
-Image and Sound for the Education of Roma children Program
-The Videomuseums, an awarded Comenious programme between Greece and Germany
he Youth Docs, an Erasmus programme between Greece and Turkey
-Urban documentary at, an intensive summer course
-The City speaks project, for the the British Council involving one day documentary photo stories in an arcade down town Athens
-The Chicam programe (Institute of Education, London) a two year project for refugee children.
In addition I have developed activities in Kindergarden and preschool classes. These focus on how we can use short extracts to discuss film making, characters and setting, how to create and use sound recordings for visual narratives and finally how they can portray their micro world in images. Methodology is based on deconstructing the whole spectrum of cinema and the moving image in pieces and working around it in small specific sections which gradually build a broader understanding of the media language.

Teaching Documentary

Teaching documentary techniques has been another particular feature of my workshops which I applied to various age groups and levels of docu-phelia. I have been teaching documentary storytelling and practice in a variety of settings both in Greece and abroad.
-Greek and Turkish young filmmakers with an intercultural focus at the North Aegean Narratives.
-Greek teachers experienced in media production at the EduTV- Medea programme, -Municipality and Environment professionals in ECOWOMEN,
-Adults of various professions seeking the video tool for their further development and expression.
-Teenagers during a structured European school exchange or summer doc courses.
-Environment aware young professionals at the YES project.

See here:
Documentary workshop in the heart of Athens for various professionals
A scripting game for young docu-directors
Trailer of our Videomuseums project . Students producing short docu-fiction videos.

Other media workshops

I have been invited to run some very interesting media language training sessions for special groups: librarians at the The Future Library, Social work students at the University of Frankfurt, jobless people at the JOBAct project in Germany (in collaboration with Nikolas Hamm ) and High School drama class students in collaboration with Katja Pann, in Franfurt.

Most of my media education and training work is realised through Karpos, Center for Education and Intercultural Communication, a non profit company,, which I co-founded and run since 2008, together with two excellent colleagues. Find us on Facebook too.

Coordination, Consulting
European collaborations both as media expert and/or coordinator of wider networks of workshops include: The Film Literacy Advisoty group, The Youth DocsThe VideomuseumsNorth Aegean Narratives, Stranger Festival, ECOWOMEN, Education of Roma children (University of Athens).


TeachertrainingI offer adult and youth training with a focus to the creative side. Depending on your needs and time possibilities, we can design a series of modules that aim at either introductory level of media literacy or further development of an experienced group through activities of “reading” and “writing” audiovisual texts.

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