Portrait of Maria Leonida
Maria at the Future Library training, 2013

e: maria@karposontheweb.org
Full cv : MariaLeonida2016ENG

Film director and Media Educator. Her documentaries have been screened in Film Festivals and TV channels around Europe. Her first short film, was invited to the Νew Τalents section at the IDFA, while her documentary “Tough Pose”  (1996), received several awards in Greece. She is particularly interested in the anthropological approach and has filmed various subjects on art and society. She is also directing video material for theater productions, multimedia projects and various corporate – educational videos.

Since 2002 she started working as a Media trainer, at the nationwide “Melina Program– Arts in Education”, a project focused on teacher training and the CH.I.C.A.M. project, a European project involving 6 countries about media in the lives of immigrant children coordinated by the Institute of Education, London. This was a well founded kick off for a series of projects and collaborations, research and activities in the area of Film and Media Literacy. She is co-founder and Director of Karpos, Centre of Education and Intercultural Communication, a non profit company which is distinguished for its methodology in applying film and media in the wider area of education and lifelong learning for both children and adults. She designs and delivers media workshops for organisations such as the University of Athens, the Ministry of Education, the British Council, the W.W.F. , as well as several European projects. Her interests focus on the way viewers become critical producers, on teaching documentary as a wide form of expression, as well as processes of interdisciplinary learning through image and sound.

Maria holds a BA in History (University of Crete) and an MA in Art History, (University of Essex) . She was awarded one year studies at the European Film College in Denmark by the Greek Film Center. She is currently a P.H.D. candidate at the University of Athens at the Preschool Education Department researching the use of digital image by young children. Two contradictory points of view guide her research: this is the first generation born next to a smartphone connected to the web but they still use media through the very old concept of the FRAME.

For more details on her work in European collaborations both as media expert and as coordinator of media projects, see the page Media Literacy.


  • Fragile, 12′, M. Leonida-Diadrasis, 2014
  • Nothing goes wasted, 45’, ERT-DOC3 series. 2011
  • I’ll do my best, 15’, ERT- EBU 2010, Challenges European series
  • My first time, 52’, Greek Film Center-ERT SA, 2008, International Documentary Festival Thessaloniki.
  • My Olympics, 15’, EBU-ERTSA, 2008 for the youth series.
  • Scarecrows, 52’, Cinetic-ERT SA, 2006
  • Olympia-Peace, Video projections for theatre, Cultural Olympiad 2004
  • Adriana in Athens, 30 min. “Girls Around the World” series, ZDF-3SAT, 2004
  • Refugees, an endless journey, ERT SA 2003
  • Some kids know, 6’, M. Leonida, 2002, second prize Media Desk Competition
  • Family Patterns, Interactive documentary, SAGAS workshop, ART NOW exhibition 2002
  • Alice and the Tellogleion Foundation in wonderland, ERT SA, 2000
  • Tough Pose, 30’ , Greek Film Center – M.Leonida, 1998 ( Festivals of Minsk, Mumbai, Molodist, Munich, Drama Best Documentary Award, G.U.F.T.T Documentary Prize, Second Best State Quality Award)
  • One Man Show , 10’, M. Leonida, 1996, (Festivals of Amsterdam, Munich, Uppsala, Drama, Prize Best Woman Director ).

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