Curriculum for teaching creative documentary, 7/2015 . Ministry of Education.
During Spring 2015 I was a member of the experts group that developed the new curriculum for the Arts High Schools in Greece. My particular responsibility was to introduce a focus in documentary during the last year of the Arts Lyceum. Expected to be published 11/2015.

M. Leonida
Media Meets Literacy, Warsaw, 5/2015

The three little wolfs and the big bad pig
Media Meets Literacy, Warsaw 5/2105

Invited by the Evens Foundation, to talk about how Media Literacy and creativity are possible through the crisis, I focused on two ideas: flexibility and framing. In short, how adjusting the main ideas of a critical approach to media can give solutions for creative practices with young people of all ages.

PP slide
Reflections on childhood, Thessaloniki 2014

My favorite places at school
Reflections on Childhood, School of Early Childhood Education, Thessaloniki, 11/2014

An approach of everyday life at school for first year Primary students. The research focused on media expression (with still photos and recorded speech) about their favorite site in class and school. The introductory theoretical approach includes a broad reference to media literacy for young people.

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Media and Learning Conference, Brussels 2013

A video museum for teenagers?
Media and Learning Conference, Brussels 11/2013

Presentation of the methodology and results of a successful and awarded film making teacher and student training scheme over 3 years in Attica, Greece. Selected by the Institute for Media and Research in Munich as one of the 12 best practices in Europe for 2011-13. (view Power point only)
Doc crash course

Documentary methodology, 2013
This presentation has been used in several adult seminars (Greece, France, Lithuania) with the aim to introduce a wide spectrum of amateurs to documentary filmmmaking as well as to facilitate the coordination of a collective work in the filed of documentary.

L’education artistique au cinema en Europe, La Ciotat, 2013

Documentary as an educational tool
L’education artistique au cinema en Europe, La Ciotat, 9/2013

Invited by the Institut de l’Image, Aix-en-provence, I used extracts from one of my 15′  EBU documentaries for young audiences, to talk about the stories that documentaries tell and those stories that are never told. This aspect helps analysing, not only the cinematic form, but the social and cultural content behind films.

Recording traces of our subjective cultures, Goethe Institute, 5/2012

Videomuseums and student films: Hercules labors
Recording traces of our subjective cultures, Goethe Institute, 5/2012

A closing conference presenting what was learned from the “Videomuseums” project which acquaints students (13 -18 years old) with team production of short documentaries and proposes this as an educational tool. This project, is based on setting up film making workshops, with trained teachers and filmmakers.

Videomuseums book Cover
Videomuseums book Cover

Students’ documentaristic glances through the Videomuseums project
The closing conference at the Goethe Institute initiated a number of articles for a publication which included methodology, observations and recommendations. My article focused on what a video production is today and how it occurs in a High School setting through the filmmakers’ point of view.

Cinema Speaking

Media Literacy in school today: activities which open new windows
Cinema Speaking, International Conference of the Hellenic Film Academy, 2010

An effort to present to a wider audience related to Cinema, how media activities are by definition multi modal and interdisciplinary and may support education.

Earlier participations with presentations in conferences

2009 Come Closer, Workshop for the use of photography and video as a communication tool for primary school children.
World Organization for Early Childhood Education , 7th National Conference : Children and Mass Media
2005 The Use of Video by Young Refugees for Recording Their Lives
For the Youth and Media Workshop, Jean Monnet Research Centre, University of Crete.
2004 Aspects of Audiovisual Education in Greece, Round table,
European Educational Research Union, University of Crete
2004 Mass Media and Education
Conference meeting organized by the Department of Preschool Education, University of Crete
2004 Digital Generations. New Technologies and Media Literacy,
Institute of Education, London
2004 Cameras in young hands
DOX, European Documentary Network Magazine, 2004
2004 Picture me in: Digital Media making with socially excluded children.
Collective work, Institute of Education, 2003
2003 Children in Communication About Migration
A sense of place, `Displacement and Integration: the role of the Arts and media in reshaping societies and identities in Europe, British Council, Cardiff, UK