Documentary work

Poster of Fragile showing the head of a marble Athina statue
Even stone-heads tell stories

2014 Fragile, 12′

A statue in a small old museum seems something forgotten from the world. However one day, five men arrive and start moving the life size marble Athina. What would she think about that?
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Bookcover Talismans

2012  Talisman and other stories, 7′

A 6′  video made to accompany the exhibition of textile Artist Anna Kazakou for her recent work on the theme of talismans and charms. Booze Cooperativa, Athens, 11/2012.

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Guiding a group of preschoolers in the magic of vineyard.
Guiding a group of preschoolers in the magic of vineyard.

2011 Nothing goes wasted, 45′

Episode of the “Ecology Diaries” documentary series by ERT SA-DOC3. A thorough look on the forms and content of school activism around ecology by both adults and youth.
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The young gypsy girl grows as a multitasking woman

2010  I’ll do my best, 15′

Seeking for the chance to work in the gypsy community, I convinced my EBU and ERT producers of the “Challenges” youth European series to work with a protagonist of this area. Thus, for the 2010 episode I researched in a school at a rundown area only 40 minutes far from Athens which is a big gypsy ghetto. My belief that we do have things to learn from these people, never changed, only it became more informed and deeper.

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My first time, 52', 2008. A first pregnancy unique experience.
My first time, 52′, 2008. A first pregnancy unique experience.

2008   My first time, 52′

Pregnancy and childbirth become a series of extremely personal moments and when you experience them for the first time, you see things from a different point of view. You find yourself re-examining your fears and facing again everything you have so far taken for granted:  your body, your health, your environment, the people close to you.

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Scarecrows, 52', 2006 Such a peculiar thing!
Scarecrows, 52′, 2006
Such a peculiar thing!

2005  Scarecrows, 52′

The theme of Scarecrows came into my life from a friend, textile artist who got indulged to them. While making a short video for her exhibition a whole documentary came to the surface for this peculiar and so varied object that bothers and protects. Farmers and collectors, painters and anthropologists, naif artists and people of the countryside, folk art historians, all testify a different point of view.

poster of Adriana in Athens
Adriana in Athens, 2004, A 17 year old girl facing adulthood.

2004 Adriana in Athens, 30′

A girl’s hopes and fears as she grows towards adulthood and finishing school.We follow her to the choices she has to make, the stress she faces from school goals, the relationship to the family. This opportunity to work for ZDF series “Girls around the world” was a good chance to collaborate with producers from France and Germany who obviously see stories from a different point of view.

poster of Family Patterns
An experimental interactive documentary

2002  Family Patterns, Interactive

During an early Interactive storytelling course at SAGAS I experimented with how form and content can join in an interesting result. Here, together with programmer S. Otterbein, we recorded a typical morning in a German family and then reconstructed it aiming at exploring how chance affects everyday life and how linear documentary storytelling can interact with repetition and multiple developments.

Tough Pose, 45', 1998
Tough Pose, 45′, 1998

1998 Tough Pose, 45′

An insight to the nude models’ profession inside the Fine Art School of Athens, back in 1998. A delicate intrusion to an enclosed world: this of people being payed just for sitting still and considered by others, as “forms and shapes”.

One Μan Show, 1996 In the poster the photograph becomes gradually a sketch.
One Μan Show, 1996
The hand crafted poster shows Colin’s photograph becoming gradually a sketch. A metaphor for his life between light and shadows, hand crafted projection and the digital age coming.

1996  One man show, 10′

My very first documentary short. I was almost self tough and found it hard to combine my knowledge in history and art with training in camera and script continuity towards a goal of film directing. I  directed this 10 minute short by instinct on a subject I felt for, while working at the Edinburgh Film Festival: my job was to keep the projectionists in good contact with the cinema downstairs. I chose my protagonist, Colin Enticknap, a well known fanatic of the profession, at the I.C.A. London, as he incarnated most of the behind-the-scenes projectionist characters I met during my research in London.
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