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Objects trigger images

Participants thinking over the exhibition
Participants recreate stories from observing their objects

One more “object based brainstorming” session for a Media and Theater workshop this time. It is a very interesting technique we practiced with Andreas Treske for young documentarists at the North Aegean Narratives project on the theme of identity and immigration. Later I applied it again for beginner documentary makers to trigger images for the very special heart of Athens. This time personal identities in the spectrum of public life were targeted.IMG_1078 IMG_1084 IMG_1085 IMG_1086
As always, little surprises occur both from the selections of objects people make and their associations. A big surprise was a “live” object which was carried in our small installation: a child was brought to join memories and secret objects or bureaucratic items.

A child next to other items.
A child stands next to other items as proof of a life cycle.

Here at the Theater in Education 2014 Seminar in Pilion, Greece, the workshop is collaboratively done with N. Govas and Ch. Zoniou, two excellent theater pedagogues.

Documentary Media education

Young professionals become Documentarists

Learning interviewing among the olive trees
Learning interviewing among the olive trees
participants lookig at rushes
Viewing rushes and selecting materials

The environmental association APARE invited me to guide a 4 day intensive documentary workshop for young professionals of the environmental and social sciences sector during their research for the Cote Blue area near Marseillles. It was a great team which advanced their knowledge and consciousness on what a documentary might be. MA students and young professionals from 4 countries added with their questions and initiatives to drafting a script about their area of investigation. The team worked from idea to research and from planning to shooting. The most interesting part was editing where working in small teams they managed to both learn and develop rough cuts, alternatives and challenge their initial research.

An international team from 4 countries:
An international team from 4 countries: UK, France, Italy, Greece

A short making of of the workshop


Media education Professional training

Film literacy for librarians

On the occasion of the publishing of my subtitled interview on the media language workshop for librarians I also post a few words and photos.

Interview for the Future Library workshop

The Future Library program gave me the chance to work with 100 people who are surrounded by books, who work in a space full of words, jumping out of pages. Who currently search for new ideas and paths to approach their visitors (and their books). Our photo-stories, built from images and story lines proved a great tool, handy and accessible for short and longer term methodology, for younger and older, for digital and paperback!

participants taking photographs
Creating characters and perspective
An imaginative team played with figures and sarcasm
Participants looking at each others work and photostories
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A colored object was the starting point for our stories each time, following the overall theme of colors in books and literature. In 2,5 hours the tams had to grasp the idea of creating a story with images and words and produce it!